Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Facebook Hack Tool with Full Version Crack/Patch

Facebook Hacker Tool is a sophisticated tool used by hackers, penetration testers, security researchers and social engineers from all around the world.  Whilst intended for hackers primarily, this tool is public and therefore can be used by anybody who has patience with the waiting involved. Whether you are a stalker, someone trying to recover an account, or just someone who is curious, one can learn with ease the ultimate tool of a facebook hacker.

Facebook Hacking

Facebook hacking when it started had always been performed manually by hackers. Some social engineers still do and prefer social engineering through conversations. Over the years, hackers have formulated various holes in facebook’s login system and also it’s recovery module. This is when coding automated tools to do the work for you. Due to the complexity of the process and the many issues hackers face with automation, it took a few more years to finally establish a stable replica of what hackers do in long complex flow chart. This was a major breakthrough and had quickly went into global and public use. This breakthrough made it easier to hack facebook account passwords, profiles, access private information or personal information. Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg’s private photo albums were hacked? Yes, they were. With the use of an earlier version of this tool, it was possible to look at very sensitive data.

Facebook Hacker Tool

with Full Version Crack/Patch
This is when Facebook Hacker Tool was finally coded in its first PHP modules. On December 2013, it was in its beta stages and had its successful trials. It quickly went viral and was excessively abused. As a result, the staff imposed a security verification survey, this has reduced the abusive use by 95% – precisely what the staff wanted. Anyone who’s interested in using this tool, must be willing to pass through the security verification survey, the staff made sure of this..

Facebook Account Hacking

The tool itself has it own rules to protect itself from the law. We strictly recommend reading them. It is very important to keep in mind that the evil use of this tool may lead to large consequences.
1. Facebook account hacking or stealing is strictly prohibited. This tool is only permitted for use of penetration testing. This means if you want to hack other people’s account, you have to get their consent and permission.
2. This tool can be used to gain money or any form of material or favor. Whether it be selling accounts to people, or making ransoms to compromised users, anyone spotted will be subjected topossible accusation which may lead to years in prison, given a bail of half a million U.S. dollars.
That says it. This can only be used for a good cause. This facebook hacking tool is based on brute-forcing primarily. The only remedy possible at this time is choosing a complex password, this means your password must have special characters, numbers and letters of no meaningful order.

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